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Itís not a shame to be Croat  -

but it is a bad luck

At least, I hope so in spite of being harsh critic of my motherland, Croatia. It puts me in an unpleasant position in any discussion on Croatia, not only with Croats (who claim that Iím westernized to the limit of betraying my roots) but also all others (who generally expect one to be a patriot above all). Why? For one thing, Iím a seasoned emigrant, some thirty years of separation, and my world view has definitely changed - so who am I to lecture Croatians? Secondly, on which grounds do I expect Croatia to be different? And more importantly, Iím deeply disappointed with the basic nature of the Croatian people, from early adult life in the socialistic Croatia (the trigger of my emigration) to current mafioso-capitalistic Croatia (the source of my patriotic pessimism).

Low working ethics, low professional standards, disrespect to any social order, bribery and corruption in politics, national institutions and economy, gray economy, privatization and abuse of national wealth, they are not only Croatian specialties, true, but Croats excel in them. Then, because 90.4% of population are Croats and 86.3% are Catholics, itís obvious that the main problem with Croatia is being populated with Croats of Catholic morality. Historically, Croats are very good at inventing glorious past for their ancestors and timeless everyday blame on others (Turks, Hungarians, Serbs, ... EU, ...) for the own failures.

The CIAís rankings by country comparison to the world (CCW), see the table below, do not quite present an adequate picture because

The CIA World Factbook : Croatia





4,470,534 126

population growth rate

- 0.12 % 208

GDP (purchasing power parity)

$78.9 bill. (2013) 84

GDP - real growth rate

- 1% (2013) 205

GDP - per capita (PPP):

$17,800 (2013) 78

industrial production growth rate

- 1.8% (2013) 181

labor force:

1.715 mill. (2013) 124

unemployment rate:

21.6% (2013) 166

unemployment, youth ages 15-24:

43.1% 9

distribution of family income (Gini index)

32 (2010) 108

population below poverty line

21.1% (2011)  

obesity - adult prevalence rate

24.2% (2008) 66               updated: June 22, 2014


bad luck

those are comparisons of some two hundred countries on all conti- nents while Croatia claims to be at the doorstep of Western Europe. There is even a series of books, luxury books, titled "Croatia and Europe" by which one may conclude that Europe is actually still tipping behind Croatia. For those of you who read Croatian, Iíve downloaded from the daily paper Slobodna Dalmacija two interviews with the Croatian economist and sociologist Slavko Kulić: first labeling Croatia as disintegrating society and second rejecting Croatia as cultural and civilized subject. Prof. Kulićís pessimism beats me every day, including Sunday.


Krešimir J. Adamić