NOV 2, 2014  

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‘’ is an informational and social website devoted to the county of Bol on the island of Brač, Croatia, well maintained by Joško Egekher. The goal to improve the image of the county from a tourist point of view is modishly achieved not only by the up-to-date information relevant to a tourist and an interactive approach to a tourist but also by the stimulation and evaluation of traditional lifestyle of the domestic population (boljani)..

The interactive part I’m involved with is called ‘Ljetne razglednice’ (Summer picture-postcard), a collection of photos submitted by the current summer Bol residents and visitors. The submitted photos go through Joško Egekher’s filter to be published at ‘’. Here is my record:

year    submitted    published

2012         3                 1

2013         8                 4

2014       12                 4

I don’t know other people’s record, but I believe I’m doing rather well. That is, in spite of the fact that my photos predominantly are in the same category, the telephoto views from my terrace at Grabov Rat. 


submitted to ''

The photo above, An early autumnal evening, was awarded the 3rd prize for the year 2014.I’m not surprised this particular photo was awarded, it goes well with the fashio- nable love of heavy coloring but my pick would be something provoking meditation, like Nel blu dipinto di blu (rollover for that one) or An early cloudy evening (which carries at least some of the unsurpassed artistry of black and white photography).


Krešimir J. Adamić