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 Feb & Mar '06 

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UPDATED: 2006-10-30

I’ve spent six weeks at Grabov Rat, from mid-February till the end of March. The main task was to start our garden, a Mediterranean type of garden to be more precise. For the first two weeks I was strangled by unusually bad weather but March was rather nice and I did catch up with the gardening goals.

My fascination with the stormy skies in February, particularly early morning sky, is portrayed in the first half of this gallery presenta-tion. End of winter it was, certainly - or maybe, to allow some benevolence, a spring was on horizon.

The March gardening achievements are documented in the second part of the presentation. Over two hundred plants were placed into the ground of our five terraces, a formidable work. Not all soil preparations were done quite properly, however - the consequence of the February weather conditions.

The photo on the right, a stormy sea under the wind named ‘bora’, was selected to exemplify the winter on Grabov Rat. It probably does not do a good job - would you perceive from the picture that the bora gusts were so intense that I could not keep an upright walk position around our pojata?

Grabov Rat : photo gallery : Feb & Mar 2006

Krešimir J. Adamić