Uncle Vlado

Uncle Vlado was my youngest and dearest uncle (out of seven of them). As far as I can remember, he was always helping at my parents' farm during the fall/winter meat butchering and smoking season, and I believe I can claim that I learned the trade from him. For the first dozen years of my immigrant life I did not smoke any meat in the US. So, when I decided to revive the trade, realizing that I lost some confidence in myself, on my next visit to Croatia I asked uncle Vlado to review the stuff for me. Sitting by his sickbed in fall of 1998, I took notes. In memory of my uncle Vlado, this recipe for cold smoked sausages is called 'Uncle Vlado'.


Uncle Vlado

with my daughter Lada (on the left) and his granddaughter Zrinka

(spring of 1980)

uncle Vlado  
  UPDATED : 2008-06-01