Mediterranean Basin

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Mediterranean Basin : shrubs and trees distribution

map : Mediterranean Basin : shrubs & trees distribution

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Maquis is a form of sclerophyll scrub vegetation which typically consists of tall, dense, evergreen shrubs and low trees. Maquis grows in areas with rainfall and temperatures that are intermediate between garrigue and sclerophyll woodland. Garrigue is a sparser, lower form of vegetation with many aromatic shrubs that have soft foliage. It generally occupies the drier, hotter regions with less fertile soil than maquis. Sclerophyll woodland is dominated by oaks and is found in moister areas than either garrigue or maquis vegetation. The maquis, garrigue and sclerophyl woodland regions are largely coastal, but also extend further inland, particularly along river basins.

Sclerophyll forest is denser than woodland and is dominated by oaks and pines, largely of the same species that are more widely spaced in woodland. Forest grows in wetter locations than the other forms of vegetation. In the north and at higher elevations, the sclerophyll tree zone merges into mixed deciduous broad-leaved and tall conifer forest.

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