Mediterranean Basin and the World around it

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mediterranean climate areas

Mediterranean Basin

and the World around it

Mediterranean Basin view

by Blue Marble (NASA)

Mediterranean Basin view

by Google Earth

mediterranean climate limits

of the Mediterranean Basin


soils (FAO/UNESCO)

significant earthquakes

temperature & precipitation

Bailey ecoregion divisions

shrubs & trees distribution

map : mediterranean climate areas

The above map was assembled from the four 45o-quads of the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) public domain maps.

The NGDC maps were generated from digital data bases of seafloor and land elevations on a 2-minute latitude/longitude grid. Assumed illumination is from the west; shading is computed as a function of the east-west slope of the surface with a nonlinear exaggeration favoring low-relief areas. A Cylindrical Equidistant projection was used for the World image; the resolution of the gridded data varies from true 2 minutes for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean floors and all land masses to 5 minutes for the Arctic Ocean floor.

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