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  W3C : World Wide Web Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


  wage (often: wages) : regular payment to an employee in return for his work or services.


  waterspout : a column of rotating air over a body of water (i.e., a tornado over the water).


nature : birds


waxwings, cedar (Bombycilla cedrorum) : small songbirds, 16...20 cm long; wingspread 28...31 cm; sleek brown bird with long conspicuous crest, black mask; yellow band at end of tail; red waxy tips on secondaries of grayish wings; sexes similar, somewhat darker throat distinguishes males; see [WEEKLY].


  WCT : see  wind chill temperature

computer & web

  web : a network; the term is used in the same sense as for the network of fine strands made by a spider.

publishing & printing

  web : printing paper in reel form, on a printing press.
    wharf : a landing place where ships may moor for loading and unloading; a fixed platform, commonly on pilings, roughly parallel to and alongside navigable water.
    white noise : see  noise, white
    white point : a reference illuminant used in colorimetry to define the color 'white'. Depending on the application, different definitions of white are needed to give acceptable results; for example, defining 'white' as daylight will give unacceptable results when attempting to color-correct a photograph taken with incandescent lighting. Each white point illuminant is ideally described as a spectral power distribution, that is, by giving the amount of power per unit wavelength at each wavelength of the visible spectrum. This will allow the coordinates of the white point in any color space to be defined.

botany & gardening

  whorl : an arrangement of leaves, petals, etc. about the same point on a stem.

publishing & printing

  widow : a short paragraph-ending line appearing at the top of a page; it should be avoided when possible by changes in wording or spacing that either remove the line or lengthen it; (also, less strictly:) a word or part of a word on a line by itself at the end of any paragraph.


  wild and woolly : lacking refinement(s), barbarous
    wind : air in motion relative to the Earth's surface, caused by the average movement of a "large number" of molecules of air, usually with scales larger than the random motions of individual molecules; often refers only to the horizontal motion because vertical wind components, especially near the Earth's surface are relatively small.


  wind chill : the part of the total cooling of the human body caused by air motion. The human body has mechanisms for keeping itself at or near 98.6° F as any extreme derivation from that average in either direction can harm the body. A phenomenon called ‘wind chill’ makes us feel colder in winter than the air temperature really is, due to the fact that both environment temperature and wind cause heat loss from body surfaces. Wind chill effect is measured by wind chill temperature.


  wind chill temperature (WCT) : the temperature it "feels like" outdoors and is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the combined effects of wind and cold. As the wind increases, the body is cooled at a faster rate causing the skin temperature to drop; for example, a temperature of 0°F and a wind speed of 15 mph will produce a wind chill temperature of -19°F. In 2001, National Weather Service implemented an updated WCT index [N17] .See [HANDBOOK].


  wind scale : see  Beaufort wind scale
    wind speed : a scalar quantity which describes the rate at which air is in motion relative to the Earth’s surface. Although nowadays weather forecast include wind speed (usually expressed in mph or km/h), winds are categorized by force, i.e. by the appearance of wind effects observed on the sea and on land; see  Beaufort wind scale and related table in the Handbook.



  wind shear : the change of wind speed or direction with distance or height.
    wind velocity : a vector quantity that describes air motion in terms of wind speed and wind direction.


wind speed

history : Amerindians

  Wintun (also Wintuan, Wintoon) : the name generally given to a group of related Native American tribes who lived in Northern California, including the Wintu, Nomlaki, Patwin and Southern Patwin tribes. Their range was from approximately present-day Lake Shasta to San Francisco Bay, along the western side of the Sacramento River to the Coast Range. Each of these tribes spoke one of the Wintuan languages.


WMO : World Meteorological Organization

game : tennis             acronym

  WTA : Women's Tennis Association : professional woman's tennis association; formed in 1973 to protect the interests of female professional tennis players by managing WTA tour. The association releases a weekly ranking of the players performance in the tour: entry ranking and race to championship ranking; players' ranking points are counted how they fare on individual rounds of a tournament (round points) as well as the rank of the players they defeat (quality points). Points earned from all WTA Tour events played are added to produce the separate weekly singles and doubles standings.

game : tennis

  WTA entry ranking : a rolling, 52-week points calculation based on player’s best 17 results for singles and 11 for doubles over the past 12 months to determine seedings and tournament entry status. The Race ranking, while indicating the hottest players in the game at any stage, does not necessarily indicate an overall standing in the game which is the intend of tournament entry status; this is especially valid at the start of the year when early tournament winners may well be leading the Race but are not yet established top players for the purposes of seeding and tournament entry.

game : tennis

  WTA race ranking : WTA race to championships ranking : points calculation method on a calendar-year basis; every player, regardless of her performances in the previous year, starts with zero points; as of 2005, players count the best 17 performances in the WTA tour. The purpose of the Race is to determine the 8 singles players and 4 doubles teams that will contest the WTA Tour’s season-ending Championships.

Internet lingo

  WTF : what the fuck; an expression of incredulity;. also ‘why the fuck’, ‘who the fuck’ or similar replacements of the W.

Internet lingo

  WTH : what the hell

computer & web         acronym

WYSIWYG : what you see is what you get : text and graphics shown formatted on a computer screen as they will appear when printed; also referred to as 'previewing a document'.

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