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symbol & abbreviation

J : symbol of  joule, SI unit of work and energy.


    jargon : words or expressions developed for the use within a particular group, frequently the technical vocabulary of a particular profession. Although it is hard for outsiders to understand, jargon is primarily intended to facilitate the communication within the group, not to to exclude non-group members from the conversation. Compare with: slang.

computers & web

Java : a programming language created by Sun Microsystems which allows the user to create programs which run well in a networked environment (such as the World Wide Web). Java programs are commonly called 'applets' and can be used to add anything from calculators to animated images to Web sites.


computers & web

JavaScript : a type of programming code written in Sun Microsystems' Java programming language. JavaScript can make Web pages interactive in a variety of ways. For example: telling users whether they've filled out a form correctly, displaying animated images, or allowing images to change when users touch them with the mouse pointer.
    jet (lignit) : a geological material (a mineraloid) derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure; 'hard jet' is the result of the carbon compression and salt water, 'soft jet' is the result of the carbon compression and fresh water. Jet is easily polished and has been used in the manufacture of jewelery (dating to 10,000 B.C. in certain portions of modern day Germany).

measurement unit

joule : SI unit of work and energy; symbolized: J; derived unit with special name and symbol;

derived unit

computers & web file extension

.jpg  or  .jpeg : [Joint Photographic Experts Group] a commonly used file format for images on the World Wide Web. .jpg files use compressed data, so they take up less disk space, but often sacrifice some image quality to do this.

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