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  habitat : the natural abode or locality of an animal, plant, etc.; the kind of locality in which a plant grows.



hail : showery precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice more than 5 mm in diameter, falling from a cumulonimbus cloud. Hail size typically refers to the diameter of the hailstones; warnings and reports may report hail size through comparisons with real-world objects that correspond to certain diameters:
diam./inch 0.25 0.5 0.75 0.88 1 1.25 1.5
description pea


or mothball


or dime

nickel quarter half dollar

walnut or

ping pong ball

diam./inch 1.75 2 2.5 2.75 3 4 4.5
description golf ball hen's egg tennis ball baseball tea cup grapefruit softball

games : tennis

  hardcourt : a tennis court whose surface is made out of asphalt, concrete or a similar material; for example, the U.S. and Australian Opens are played on hardcourts.

botany & gardening

  head : a group of flowers placed closely together; a dense cluster of sessile or nearly sessile flowers on a short receptacle, e.g. sunflower.

geography : physical

  headland : an area of land adjacent to water on three sides. Large, long, narrow and high headlands are called peninsulas or promontories. When headlands dramatically affect the ocean currents they are often called capes. A deposition headland is called a spit.

hearing or audition :  the subjective response to sound, including the entire mechanism of the outer, middle, and internal ear, and the nervous and cerebral processes which translate the sound into meaningful signals; the sense of sound perception from tiny hair fibers in the inner ear detecting the motion of a membrane which vibrates in response to changes in the pressure exerted by air molecules, within a frequency range (at best) of 20 to 20000 Hz, though this varies significantly with age, occupational hearing damage, and gender. Sound can also be detected as vibrations conducted through the body by tactition, including frequencies lower and higher than ear range.

Human ear is not equally sensitive to all the frequencies of sound within the entire spectrum: middle ‘A‘and its higher harmonics (from 2 to 4 kHz) are at maximum human sensitivity. On sound pressure scale, the normal range of human hearing extends from about 0 dB (threshold of hearing) to about 140 dB; threshold of pain is about135 dB.

    hedonism : pleasure-seeking as a way of life; in philosophy, the doctrine that pleasure is the principal good and should be the aim of action; in psychology, the theory that a person's actions always have pleasure as their purpose.

botany & gardening

  herb : any seed plant whose stem withers away to the ground after each season's growth, as distinguished from a tree or shrub whose woody stem lives from year to year; also, any such plant used in cooking for its savory or aromatic qualities, or in medicine; mint, thyme, basil, ans sage are herbs.
    Heritage Foundation, The : an influential public policy research institute based in Washington, DC,  United States. Heritage's stated mission is to "formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense." Its operations have transformed the traditional concept of the 'think tank' and have had a significant impact on the domestic and foreign policies of the US government.

botany & gardening

  hesperidium : a fleshy fruit with a separate thick envelope (separable, leathery rind), and divided internally into several separable pulpy cells by membranous dissepiments, as the orange or lemon.


  heteronym (also: heterophone) : a homonym with a single spelling but different meanings and pronunciations' e.g. desert (to abandon) and desert (arid region), because they are pronounced differently. Heteronyms are homographs which are not homophones.
    heuristic : serving to indicate or point out; stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation.

Internet lingo

  HHOK : ha, ha - only kidding

botany & gardening

  hirsute : hairy; shaggy.

botany & gardening

  hispid : bristly, rough with bristles or minute spines.
    homeland : geographical territory to which one belongs; however, this general concept is usually simplified to the country of one's origin. Synonyms: fatherland, motherland, mother country, country of origin, and native land.


  homograph : one of two or more words that is spelled the same as another but has a different meaning (such as bear (the animal) and bear (to support, to tolerate)) or pronunciation (such as bow (a weapon for shooting arrows) and bow (the front end of a boat)) and usually a different etymology; thus all homographs are homonyms (but not vice versa).


  homonym : one of two or more words that is of the same spelling or sound (pronunciation) as another but with a different meaning, such as grate (fireplace), grate (to rub), great (large).

computing & web       acronym

  HSB : hue, saturation, brightness; see HSB color model;


  HSB color model : a color model based on the human perception of color by employing hue, saturation, and brightness as the three parameters of the model; is often used by artists because it is more natural to think about a color in terms of hue and saturation than in terms of additive or subtractive color components.

color model





  HSDB : Hazardous Substance Data Bank : a factual data bank focusing on the toxicology of over 4500 potentially hazardous chemicals; in addition to toxicity data, the file carries information in the areas of emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, human exposure, detection methods, and regulatory requirements. The data are fully referenced and peer-reviewed by a Scientific Review Panel composed of expert toxicologists and other scientists

computing & web       acronym

  HSL : hue, saturation, lightness/luminance; HSL color model is quite similar to HSB, with lightness replacing brightness; the difference is that the brightness of a pure color is equal to the brightness of white, while the lightness of a pure color is equal to the lightness of a medium gray.

computing & web       acronym

  HSV : hue, saturation, value; HSV color model is also called HSB color model;

computing & web       acronym

  HTML : Hypertext Markup Language : The standard set of instructions for creating hypertext documents. HTML tags text, graphics and images with instructions that tell a browser how to present them in electronic documents. HTML instructions include tags about appearance, like bold and centered text, and hyperlinks to other documents. HTML is a specific document type derived from the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).


computing & web       acronym

HTTP : Hypertext Transfer Protocol : he standard network protocol for retrieving hypertext documents. HTTP allows computers to send and receive HTML files over IP networks, including the Internet. HTML files are located by addresses called Universal Resource Locators (URLs). Web addresses often begin with http://, indicating that the documents you will access are written in HTML. HTTP protocol signifies an Internet site is a WWW site, i.e. HTTP is a WWW address.




    hue : light (color) reflected from or transmitted through an object; it is measured as an angle location on the standard color wheel, expressed as a degree between 0o and 360o; used as a parameter in the HSB color model. In common use, hue is identified by the name of the color, such as red or orange.
humidity : atmospheric water vapor content, expressed in any of several measures, such as relative humidity or dew point (temperature).


  hwy : highway

botany & gardening

  hymenium : the fertile, spore-producing structure of certain fungi, as that of the gills of the mushroom.
    hyperlink : text or images on a Web page that, when clicked with a mouse, cause the browser to load another page of HTML. Because a simple mouse click allows the user to easily go from one page of hypertext to another, these pages are said to be ‘hyperlinked’. Text links are usually (but not always) underlined in blue, while hyperlinks that are images often take the form of "buttons".
    hypertext : a document which has been marked up to allow a user to select words or pictures within the document as hyperlinks, click on them, and connect to further information.

botany & gardening

  hypertrophy : a condition of excessive enlargement of a plant organ, to the detriment of another, as when some part of a plant is invaded by a fungus parasite, e.g. witches'-broom on cherries (swollen branches), crown gall in apples (swollen roots), etc.

botany & gardening

  hypha (pl. hyphae) : any of the threadlike parts making up the mycelium of a fungus.

botany & gardening

  hypocotyl : the part of the axis, or stem, of a plant embryo or seedling below the cotyledons (first leaves).

botany & gardening

  hypogenous (hypogeal) : growing upon the underside of anything; developing underground; growing beneath (opposed to 'epigenous')


hypothermia : abnormally low body temperature (below 95oF). Warning signs include uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, and apparent exhaustion. Medical attention is needed immediately. If it is not available, begin warming the body slowly.
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